Promoting Personal Health Freedom

COVID Related:

Masks are wrong and silly. There's no scientific evidence to support their use and NO LEGAL way that they can be MANDATED. Viruses are 100 times smaller than the openings in medical masks making them utterly absurd. Pieces of cloth, bandanas, scarves, etc. are literally a joke and an insult to our intelligence.

Social Distancing is more non-scientific nonsense based on wild-assed speculation of some armchair quarterback. The idea that an airborne virus can be spread 6 feet but not 6.5 feet is just plain ludicrous.

Vaccines, and what a person puts in their body is an individual choice. NO ONE has any authority or right to mandate a vaccine. Additionally, the so-called covid vaccines do not meet any definition of vaccine because they are NOT vaccines. Many top scientists believe, as we do, that they are bioweapons that will kill millions.