About 'Our' Flag(s)

A work in progress.

Although this is the flag we all grew up knowing and pledging allegiance to, it is NOT the American Flag, it is the US Flag of WAR (more research and documentation to come).

The peacetime flag is [picture]. [link to an article that explains it in more detail.

Whenever and wherever the military/war flag is flying is considered a "military installation" and can be taken over by the military at any time.

Then there is the "gold fringed" flag. That is the "captured" Admiralty flag. The fringe indicates it has been captured by another ship. The eagle on top of these has yet additional meaning.

Remember, throughout history symbols had, and continue to have meaning. If you go aboard a ship, you are subject to and under the laws of the country who's flag it is flying under International Maritime & Admiralty Law. Symbols are NOT just for show!
Posted by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD